Kinds Of Windows Operating Systems

One of the most widely used operating systems for computers and laptops around the world is the Microsoft windows operating system. There are different kinds of windows operating system that have been used by people over the world to get their daily work done. These operating systems have been were introduced to the world by Microsoft, which was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Since the inception of the windows operating system, working on computers, saving data, working efficiently has become easier than ever. This program has been ever evolving and has already seen 9 versions as off today with many more in the making.

Here is a brief look at all the different kinds of windows operating systems and their origin and other important information.

Windows 1

Windows 1 was introduced in 1985 under the code name Interface Manager and replaced MS-DOS. This gave rise to the drop box menu, icons, scroll bars and dialog boxes that made it easier to learn this system. These kinds of windows operating systems needed floppy drives and a graphic card adapter.

Window 2

These kinds of windows operating systems were introduced by Microsoft towards the end of 1987. This system had an expanded memory, improved graphics, shortcuts on keyboard and had the ability to open more than one window at a time. This was much faster in operating speed as compared to the earlier version

Windows 3

Windows 3 is easily the most widely used system in comparison to others kinds of windows operating systems. This was introduced in 1990 and the system was much advanced and faster. The features file manager; program manager and print manager were introduced in the Windows 3 version.

Windows 95: 1995-2001

This system was unveiled in Aug 1995 along with the internet revolution. These kinds of windows operating systems were the first to introduce the start menu, minimize and maximum options, taskbar and the close button on each window.

Windows 1998 – 2000 (Windows ME)

These kinds of windows operating system introduced the DVD discs reading option, USB connection, ability to shut and close programs faster and quick the launch bar options.

Windows XP – 2001-2005

In October 2001, windows XP was launched by Microsoft and the system had a new design with the main focus being support centers and unified help. It is one of the best and fastest selling kinds of windows operating system by the company. Any corrupted file or virus issue was warned in this program and security was superb. This system added Network Setup Wizard, windows movie maker, media player, windows messenger, remote assistance and wireless net connect options

Windows Vista 2006 and 2008

Windows Vista had the strongest security system than other versions and could prevent any malfunctions from other software entering in your computer. The borders and the task bar were redesigned in this system and editing videos and sending photographs became easier.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the most widely used programs at this point of time and is very user friendly. The program was developed in the late 2000’s and introduced the windows touch and flip option

Windows 8

The latest entrant in the windows segment is the Windows 8 program which was launched in 2012. The interface is completely different and features tiles that work with touch and keyboard options. The programming is very fast and smooth compared to all others kinds of windows operating systems.