Kinds Of Windows Xp

One of the most widely used windows operating systems in most personal computers and laptops around the world is the Microsoft XP operating system. There are different kinds of windows XP programs that are still in circulation and widely used despite new versions of the windows operating system being introduced by Microsoft. The name XP actually stands for the word ‘EXPERIENCE’, which Microsoft highlighted for the superior user experience. This operating system was introduced to the world by Microsoft in the year 2001. It was commonly known as the windows XP – 2001-2005 system and in this time it came out with various different editions of this system. It is also one of the best and fastest selling kinds of windows operating system from Microsoft and the 2nd most used version of windows operating systems.

Windows XP was preceded by the Windows ME operating system and followed by Windows Vista 2006 – 2008. The programs on this system were available in 25 different languages. Let us learn more about the different kinds of windows XP editions there are and some of the common features in this operating system.

Windows XP home edition

Windows XP home edition is meant for personal computers and home users. Some of the common features of this program are as follows

– Enhanced software and hardware application compatibility.

– Security features are much more simplified

– The log-in features were simplified as oppose to the previous versions.

– The interface much faster and user friendly

– Improved support for digital media (media player) like editing movies, sending pictures and music.

– A brand new user interface that flaunts new features like context-sensitive virus protection, task oriented web page views.

– Multimedia library enhanced to DirectX -8.1 in gaming

The home edition also didn’t flaunt a lot of features that only the windows XP Pro operating system had, however these features in these kinds of windows XP home edition were just disabled and could become functional if required.

Windows XP Pro

The windows XP Pro was a superset of the home edition model and had several programs that didn’t features on the home edition models. Let us take a look at some of the features of the Windows XP pro edition.

– Remote Desktop – The windows XP pro supports the new remote desktop feature that offers a single session version for two users in one terminal session. This feature is perfect for the traveling professional s who seek help and want to trouble shoot any problems

– These kinds of windows XP programs flaunts much advanced security features as compared to a home edition.

– Integrated fax system can be installed in the pro edition

– Domain Wizard is an added feature that allows login to an active directory and getting a roaming set up.

– Professional edition gets the multi language setting

Apart from these there are many other features that are not available on the home edition however they can be upgraded for a small charge. These two editions are the most important kinds of windows XP editions along with Media Center, Windows XP embedded, Windows CYBER XP and the windows XP tablet PC, all of which are region centric.